Kate Festival 2022 in Binh Thuan will take place in 02 days from October 24 to 25

Bình Thuận: Lễ hội Katê 2016 được tổ chức với nhiều hoạt động đặc sắc

(binhthuan.gov.vn) According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Kate Festival 2022 will take place in 2 days from October 24 to 25, at Po Sah Inu Tower.

This time, the Kate Festival will be held in conjunction with the announcement of the decision of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on approving the Kate Festival of Cham people in Binh Thuan province into the list of national intangible cultural heritages.

The festival consists of ritual and fest parts. In particular, the ritual part is performed by Cham Brahmin dignitaries, Ham Thuan Bac district, at the main tower (tower A) with the rituals of opening the tower door, bathing the altar of Linga - Yoni, wearing costumes, and offerings Kate. At the fest part, there will be contests on display and decoration of offerings on Thonla, Co Bong to the goddess Po Sah Inu at the main stage, Cham folk art program, rice pounding contest, hitting the pot game, etc.

As known, Kate is the oldest and most unique folk festival of the Brahmin Cham people in Binh Thuan, held annually on July 01 according to the Cham calendar, usually at the end of September and the beginning October. Over the past 15 years, Kate festival has been restored by Binh Thuan province at Po Sah Inu tower (Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city) and has become one of six typical festivals selected by the province to develop for tourism. This is an activity to introduce and promote the values and characteristics of the Cham people to the world. Along with that, it is to raise the awareness and actions of the Cham people in preserving and conserving the values of the festival, meeting the needs of religious activities, beliefs and cultural enjoyment for tourism to promote local socio-economic development.

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