4,932 administrative procedure documents were received and resolved in February

(binhthuan.gov.vn) According to the Provincial Public Administration Center, in February, the Center received and processed 4,932 administrative procedure dossiers.


Of these, 4,587 documents have been processed and returned results; 4,581 dossiers were settled on time and early; 6 dossiers were returned late. Cumulatively until the end of February 2024, the total number of dossiers received is 12,361 (including 7,083 online applications). Of which, 12,251 dossiers were processed and returned results; 12,235 dossiers were settled on time and early; 16 documents were late.


Also in February, the Provincial Public Administration Center received 23 dossiers submitted by group from the fisheries sector; 18 documents were settled on time; no late settlement. The number of online fees and charges from the beginning of 2024 that have been successfully conducted is 1,067 transactions.


The coordination in settling administrative procedures is strictly carried out according to the coordination regulation between the Provincial Public Administration Center, Post Office and departments, ensuring smooth and timely circulation of documents. Through public postal services, during the month, the Center coordinated to receive 26 administrative procedure applications in the local fisheries sector. The dossiers were circulated and processed according to regulations, and returned the settled result of 14 dossiers.


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