Actively transport goods through border gates in Lang Son province

( Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) Nguyen Hong Hai has just directed the Department of Industry and Trade to preside over and coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit Association and relevant departments, localities and units to strictly implement the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai in Official Dispatch No. 7338/VPCP-KTTH dated 25/9/2023 on import, export, and transport of goods through border gate in Lang Son province.


Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai has requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade to closely coordinate with Lang Son PPC to monitor the import and export situation of goods at the border gates in the province to promptly notify, recommend to relevant localities, associations and industries; actively coordinate with the Chinese side to have solutions to overcome the congestion of customs clearance at Vietnam - China border gates.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to coordinate with localities to strictly control the quality of goods to meet the Chinese side's plant quarantine regulations; strengthening control to prevent the phenomenon of businesses "borrowing" the production unit code and packing house code registered with Chinese Customs to export agricultural products; continue to negotiate with China to soon recognize quarantine results, thereby contributing to reduce customs clearance time at the border gates.


Lang Son PPC to strengthen exchanges with the friend-side authorities to create favorable conditions and increase customs clearance time for agricultural products at harvest time, especially for fruits at the main harvest time; continue to update and provide regular information on movements in goods delivery and other related issues at the border gates, especially when the friend-side authorities have unexpected policies that impact on dilivery, customs clearance, import and export of our goods; promptly discuss and report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and relevant ministries and agencies on arising issues to coordinately handle them.


People's Committees of provinces and cities with agricultural products exported across the border gates to direct local authorities to regularly update information and situations from the Northern border provinces to proactively consider and adjust the pace of bringing goods to the border in accordance with the customs clearance capacity of the border gates. At the same time, regularly update customs clearance movements at northern border gates to proactively plan the production, packaging, delivery, and export of goods, avoiding congestion and other negative impacts; quickly and strongly shifting export activities to the Chinese market in the form of official quotas; accelerating implementation on meeting Chinese regulations and continue to strictly implement regulations on traceability, production unit code, packing house code, labeling...



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