Binh Thuan strictly manages the activities of fishing vessels at sea


( Implementing the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang on organizing the peak period of reviewing, making statistics, classifying and screening "03 no" fishing vessels to each village and commune in the coastal areas of the province; at the same time, drastically implementing the registration, inspection, issuance of fishing licenses and installation of cruise monitoring equipment on fishing vessels.


Up to now, the total number of fishing vessels in our province with the length of 6 meters or more is 7,824. Of which, the group from 6 to under 12 meters in length is 3,786; the group with the length of 12 to under 15 meters is 2,036; the group with the length of 15 meters or more is 2,002 vessels.


Regarding fishing vessel registration, up to now, localities have registered 5,940 vessels with the length of 6 meters or more and updated them into the National Fishing Vessel Register, reaching 75.9% of the total number of existing fishing vessels of the province. 5,178 fishing licenses have been issued for 5,940 fishing vessels of 6 meters or more in length, reaching 87.2%; the number of fishing vessels that do not have or have expired fishing licenses is 762, the authorities and localities currently have notified the ship owners, requesting and strictly placing control over their implementation. Registration has been carried out for 3,220/3,900 fishing vessels with the length of 12 meters or more, reaching 82.6%; the number of fishing vessels whose registration has not been completed or expired is 680. Currently, the authorities have sent the list to localities and the ship owners to request for the implementation.


The whole province has 1,944 fishing vessels/1,944 operating fishing vessels with the length of 15 meters or more that have installed cruise monitoring equipment, reaching 100%. The number of uninstalled fishing vessels is 14, including: 13 vessels stopped operating due to damage, judgment enforcement, and civil disputes; and 01 boat was sold outside the province for many years. In order to create conditions for fishermen to install cruise monitoring equipment on fishing vessels, the Provincial People's Council issued a Resolution to support fishermen in installing fishing vessel monitoring equipment. Up to now, financial support has been provided to 1,388 fishing vessels / 13,880 million VND, with 10 million VND/each.


The management and operation of the fishing vessel monitoring system is seriously implemented, processing information promptly, thereby promoting effectiveness in monitoring and preventing fishing vessels from violating foreign waters. From the beginning of the year until now, 32 fishing vessels have been detected and called for promptly returning to Vietnam's waters when they crossed the sea boundary and have warned and reminded hundreds of fishing vessels those lose connection of cruise monitoring equipment.



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