Co.opmart Phan Thiet plans for a stable market supply before, during and after the Lunar New Year 2024

( Currently, Co.opmart Phan Thiet is selling over 25,000 items to serve the shopping and consumption needs of people, of which about 95% are high quality Vietnamese goods; thereby, it has contributed to promoting Vietnamese products, responding to the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese products". Besides, Co.opmart Phan Thiet has always been a sales point to stabilize the market to serve people in recent times.


In order to ensure a stable supply of goods in the market before, during and after the Lunar New Year 2024, Co.opmart Phan Thiet has planned to fully stock essential goods to meet the shopping needs of consumers. .


Accordingly, from November 2023, Co.opmart Phan Thiet has prepared the stocking plan, personnel, and logistics. It is expected that the amount of goods with stable prices will mainly be fresh foods and essential items, typical Tet goods. Regarding SaigonCo.op's private label product group, the company has now promptly launched new products to serve people during Tet such as nuts, jams, soft drinks, laundry liquid, washing powder at good prices.


Up to now, about 90% of reserve goods have been stocked at Co.opmart Phan Thiet. OCOP products and specialty groups from the 3 regions are also added with about a dozen new types from the North - Central - South regions to serve the Lunar New Year 2024. The Co.opmart system has finalized a direct discount program for more than 10,000 Tet products and will have an even deeper discount program in the days leading up to the Lunar New Year 2024. Promotional activities include: Gifts giving, high reward points, vouchers...; at the same time, Co.opmart Phan Thiet has also prepared a quantity of goods with promotional prices for Tet Hamber gift baskets which are packaged as required by individuals and businesses.



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