Digitalization of documents and results of administrative procedures

( The Center for Public Administration has just requested leaders of departments and agencies to coordinate in implementing the digitalization of documents and results of administrative procedures on the province's administrative procedure information system.

Accordingly, it must ensure the rate of digitizing records and issuing electronic administrative procedure settlement results for administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the provincial level is at least 30% in 2024.

Departments and agencies shall direct the Receiving Divisions to digitize the dossier components and results of administrative procedure handling in the Administrative Procedures Handling Information System according to the request and direction of the Provincial People's Committee. Arrange human resources at the Receiving Divisions to support and guide people on manipulation and submission of online applications and payments. Strive to reach at least 40% of the files resolved during the year of the entire online public services is processed online. 100% of administrative procedures are implementing online payments that generate online payment transactions. At least 20% of the resolved documents of administrative procedures that are implementing online payment make online payment transactions.


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