Fraud warnings in exporting agricultural products to China

( Recently, several Vietnamese agricultural export enterprises have received requests from Chinese customers for the Registration Certificate from the General Department of Customs of China, which is registered and paid fees via 02 websites: and


For this information, the Office of Vietnam Sanitary and Phytosaniary Notification Authority and Enquiry Point (Vietnam SPS Office) affirms that the General Department of Customs of China does not require such type of document nor online fee collection regulations.


Accordingly, the above two websites show signs of being fake and defrauding businesses when using the English abbreviations of agencies under the General Department of Customs of China in the website addresses. These two websites require businesses to pay a fee from 100 to 1,000 USD to register documents certifying export codes to the Chinese market.


According to the regulations of China and Vietnam Customs, there is no charge for issuing export codes and issuing certificates to businesses. In case of receiving such a request from a customer, businesses need to contact directly the national focal point, the Vietnam SPS Office. This agency will be responsible for answering relevant regulations to businesses.


The Vietnam SPS Office, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, recommends that businesses access official Chinese websites with the .cn extension to check registration results and look up information related to import and export activities. At the same time, it should constantly be alert to unusual requests during trade with partners./.


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