Ham Thuan Nam to strengthen the prevention and elimination of malaria

(binhthuan.gov.vn) Ham Thuan Nam District People's Committee has just issued a document requesting Heads of divisions, agencies, units and Chairpersons of People's Committees of communes and towns to strengthen the prevention, control and elimination of malaria in the district.


Accordingly, the District Health Center shall continue to closely monitor and supervise the epidemic situation in the district; review and supplement the malaria prevention, control and elimination plan for 2023, and the malaria prevention and elimination plan for the next period. Review and consolidate microscope sites, provide training to improve monitoring and testing skills for grassroots health care. Timely detect cases of malaria using microscopy or rapid diagnostic tests to limit missed patients. Organize and thoroughly localize and treat disease cases and outbreaks, and prevent disease-carrying mosquitoes according to proper procedures. Improve the diagnostic and treatment of malaria for medical examination and treatment facilities in the district; follow the instructions for malaria diagnostic and treatment, ensuring the correct use and the right dose of medication for the patient to minimize malignant malaria, malaria-related deaths and anti-malarial drug resistance. Consolidate and promote the operational efficiency of the commune and village health care system. Regularly inspect and supervise medical facilities to ensure sufficient chemicals, biological products, medicines and equipment for malaria prevention and control in communes and towns...


The Division of Culture and Information, Center for Culture, Information and Sports of the district shall strengthen communication on mass media, disseminate risks and behavior change in implementing malaria prevention measures for at-risk groups and people in malaria-endemic areas.


The District Division of Education and Training shall organize the integrated communication at schools, kindergartens, preschools about malaria, dengue fever and hand, foot and mouth diseases...; guide students to apply biological remedies and many other folk remedies. Organize general environmental cleaning to collect waste, clear bushes, and ask students to propagate and mobilize their families and neighborhood to kill larvae and mosquitoes.


People's Committees of communes and towns shall coordinate with the health sector to manage people at risk of malaria, helping grassroots health care to reach all people at risk. Instruct business units and employers located in the area to coordinate, manage, and declare to the local health facilities the number of workers, employees, forest workers, farmers to prepare effective malaria prevention measures for these subjectives.


Phạm Huệ

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