Health care plan in case of COVID-19 epidemic breaking out on a large scale, exceeding the capacity of the health system in the province


( The Department of Health has just developed a plan to ensure medical work in the event of COVID-19 epidemic has a dangerous new mutation, causing a large outbreak, exceeding the capacity of the health system in Binh Thuan province.


According to this plan, an emergency epidemic situation is when a dangerous new variant appears that can spread faster with possibility of reducing the effectiveness of vaccines or immunity, increasing the number of infections, severe cases or deaths, the epidemic is at risk of breaking out on a large scale, exceeding the capacity of the health system. The plan also clearly states a number of criteria related to this situation.


The development of this plan aims to improve the response capacity and readiness to respond appropriately and effectively in situations where COVID-19 epidemic has a new and more dangerous mutation, breaking out in a large-scale that exceeds the capacity of the medical system. Thereby, ensuring effective epidemic control, controlling the rate of spread in the community, maximally protecting people's health and lives, and minimizing cases of serious illness and death due to COVID-19, avoiding overloading the health system, contributing to socio-economic recovery and development.


The plan also sets out the main groups of tasks and solutions related to executive direction, medical professional work, communication work, training, IT application, logistics and coordination work./.



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