Inspection plan on food safety management at the district level in 2023

( The Department of Health develops an inspection plan on food safety management at the district level in 2023

The promulgation of the plan is to check the implementation of food safety management at the district level in order to evaluate the direction and implementation of food safety measures in localities. Proposing solutions to strengthen food safety management.

Accordingly, the inspection will focus on the following matters: The reception, review of dossiers and appraisal, issuance of certificates of establishments meeting food safety conditions at food establishments according to management decentralization in 2023; the implementation of communication work on food safety, food poisoning prevention, investigation and handling of food poisoning cases. Monitoring and managing food safety of street food business; the implementation of guiding documents and reports on food safety in 2023 at the request of the Department of Health; the implementation of food safety inspection and supervision within the relevant management scope in 2023.

Subjects of inspection include: Medical Centers of districts, towns, cities and relevant divisions.

The specific inspection schedule is as follows: December 18, 2023 at Phan Thiet City Medical Center; December 19, 2023 at Ham Thuan Bac District Medical Center; December 20, 2023 at Tuy Phong District Medical Center; December 21, 2023 at La Gi Town Medical Center./.


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