It is not required to change the driver’s license to a PET plastic card to integrate into VneID



( Currently, there is no regulation forcing people to change their driver’s licenses to PET plastic cards to integrate into VNeID.

According to the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order - C06, Ministry of Public Security, changing the driver’s license to a PET card is unnecessary and wastes social resources, instead the Vietnam Road Department will soon add and clean license data for early integration.

According to the Director of the National Population Data Center, among more than 55 million driver’s licenses issued today, 31 million driver’s licenses have been fully integrated and displayed on VNeID, many of which are old ones.

According to the Vietnam Road Department, there are more than 20 million paper driver’s licenses issued from 1995 to July 2013 that cannot integrate into VNeID, because these licenses only display people's names and year of birth, without the date, month of birth so national resident data can not be synchronized.

Therefore, the Vietnam Road Department encourages people to change their driver’s licenses from paper to PET material; then the new license will be updated according to the 12-digit ID card, suitable for residential system data for easy integration.

Note that, changing driver’s license to a PET card is encouraged, not mandatory as many people mistakenly think. Currently, there is no document stipulating that people must change their paper driver's license to a plastic card (PET).

In Article 81 of the draft Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety, it is stated: "Indefinite driver’s licenses issued before July 1, 2012 must be changed to new driver’s licenses according to the roadmap set by the Government". However, this is a draft, the Law has not been approved yet, so the regulation is not yet effective./.


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