La Gi strengthens prevention and fight against violations of weapons, explosives and fireworks

( In order to perform well the task of ensuring security and order, protecting the safety of important political, economic and social events of the country in general and the province in particular; especially to fully protect the safety of the Lunar New Year 2024, La Gi Town People's Committee has just requested divisions, agencies, units, People's Committees of wards and communes and the town Front and organizations to strengthen the work of preventing and combating violations of weapons, explosives, support tools (Wp, Ep, ST) and firecrackers before, during and after the Lunar New Year 2024.

Accordingly, Heads of divisions, agencies, units, unions, socio-political organizations and Chairpersons of People's Committees of communes and wards shall need to uphold the sense of responsibility and actively direct units, localities to synchronously deploy tasks and solutions, mobilize the strength of the entire political system and the entire community to participate in preventing and fighting crimes and violations of laws on Wp, Ep, ST and firecrackers. At the same time, strengthen propaganda, dissemination, and mobilization of cadres, party members and the masses to strictly comply with the provisions of the law and participate in fighting, denouncing, and detecting crimes and violations on Wp, Ep, ST and firecrackers; arrange households, business households, car owners, and inter-provincial passenger car drivers (especially container truck drivers who regularly carry out trading activities to buy, sell, and exchange goods and agricultural products, seafood through border areas with other countries that produce firecrackers such as China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand)... to sign the commitment for not to illegally buy, sell, store, transport or use all kinds of VLN, CCHT and firecrackers.

The Division of Education and Training shall direct the administrators of affiliated schools to organize propaganda and mobilize teachers, officials, employees, and students to strictly implement the State's regulations on management and use of fireworks, prohibited acts; organizing the commitment on not to illegally manufacture, buy, sell, store, transport, use of Wp, Ep, ST and firecrackers, explosive fireworks of all kinds, and take strict disciplinary action against students who intentionally conduct violation.

The Town Police is assigned to chair over and coordinate with the Town Military Command, Phuoc Loc Border Guard Station, Market Management Team No. 2 to synchronously deploy professional measures, proactively grasp the situation, monitor the methods and tricks of those who produce, buy, sell, transport, store and use illegal Wp, Ep, ST and firecrackers for preparation of a suitable prevention plan. Strengthen patrol and control coordination on road traffic routes, key areas and locations such as bus stations, La Gi Port, markets, shopping centers, residential areas, entertainment places, low-explosive fireworks display locations... in order to promptly detect, arrest, and prevent the smuggling of Wp, Ep, ST and firecrackers; at the same time, strictly handle violations.

The authorities shall direct the duty force to strengthen patrol and control work, and mobilize maximum force to the grassroots, focusing on key routes and areas and peak period on the 29th, 30th and 1st day of the Lunar New Year 2024 to promptly detect and strictly handle violations. Focus on reviewing and listing areas and subjects at high risk of setting off fireworks to prepare plan for arrangement of forces and means to prevent, detect, stop and handle, especially on New Year's Eve.

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