La Gi to strengthen drug prevention and control in the last months of 2023



( Strengthening leadership and enhancing responsibility of all levels and sectors in drug prevention, combat and control; promoting the effectiveness between social prevention and professional prevention; promoting propaganda and raising awareness of all classes of people in drug prevention and fighting; determining to destroy complex drug lines, points, and gatherings, La Gi Town People's Committee has just planned to implement drug prevention and control work in the last months of 2023.

The plan sets out goals for the last months of 2023 to ensure that 100% of denunciations, information about crimes, and recommendations for prosecution related to drugs are received and classified; the resolution rate reaches over 90%. The investigation, prosecution and adjudication of drug crimes ensure the right person, the right crime, in accordance with the law. Over 90% of drug cases are resolved and adjudicated; 100% of cases with information about illegal transportation of drugs via sea or express delivery are verified and clarified; 80% of drug "hot spots" are fought and eliminated. Curb the increase in the number of drug addicts; over 80% of addicts and illegal drug users with management records have access to counseling services, drug addiction treatment, and community integration support; in the last months of 2023, La Gi town will have 01 commune or ward level area without crime and drug-related evils...

Accordingly, La Gi Town People's Committee continues to thoroughly grasp and organize the serious and effective implementation of guiding documents on drug prevention and fighting; in particular, focus on directing the drastic, synchronous and effective implementation of the work of identifying drug addiction and detoxification. Proactively review, evaluate, and replicate advanced models and examples in drug prevention and fighting; promote investment attraction in production and business projects, creating more jobs for people; strengthen vocational training and job creation with feasible solutions for implementation in key drug-related areas associated with support and assistance for addicts and illegal drug users; people after drug rehabilitation can reintegrate into the community. Timely praise and reward to promptly encourage outstanding examples in drug prevention and fighting.

La Gi Town People's Committee has assigned the Town Police to promote its core role in the fight against crime and social evils, proactively advise on solutions to effectively implement drug prevention, fighting and control. In particular, it must focus on transforming the area, eliminating complex points and gathering places where illegally buy and sell, harbor, coerce, and entice others to use drugs...., causing public outrage, especially at business establishments with sensitive security and service conditions, bordering areas, industrial parks, residential areas, resorts, hotels, karaoke shops.... At the same time, determine responsibilities and strictly handle cases of protection and irresponsibilities that allow violations to occur without detection and handling.

In addition, regularly update information on new types of drugs, "hidden" in foods, drinks, electronic cigarettes, and new drug precursors to synthesize and propose additional competent authorities to add to the list of drug substances and precursors, and disseminate to the public. Focus on building and implementing drug prevention and control education programs for youth, pupils, and students. Thoroughly grasp the concept of preventing and stopping drugs from afar, early, from the place of origin; proactively grasp the situation, area, and subjects, use measures to fight, destroy, investigate, and handle the entire network, arrest the masterminds and leaders, and preventing La Gi town to become a drug hotspot. Continue to promote the effectiveness of peak attacks, suppress crime, ensure security and order, especially maintaining security and order for activities of the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 "Binh Thuan – Green Tourism Comes Together".

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