Many utilities from the stay declaration model using ASM software

( Implementing stay declaration by ASM software helps medical examination and treatment facilities and accommodation facilities with many practical conveniences, contributing to ensure security and order in the area.

Binh Thuan Provincial General Hospital is the first unit in the province chosen to pilot the stay notification model via ASM software. With simple operations, the hospital's medical staff only needs to scan the QR code on the citizen identification card or on the VNeID application through a card reader device to declare the stay. All information of patients, caregivers... is verified on the national population database and transferred to Phu Tai Ward Police to serve the work of ensuring security and order at the hospital.

For the case of sudden accidents, without the citizen identification card, etc., the emergency department staff has nothing for the card reader to scan the QR code. Therefore, in the near future, the field of technology - AI cameras will be invested in to recognize hands and faces and the system will scan and produce authentic personal information synchronized with the National population database system./.


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