Organization of New Rice Fest 2024

( As annually tradition, on January 24 - 25, 2024 (on the 14 - 15 of the lunar December), ethnic minorities in 4 highland communes (Phan Son, Phan Lam, Phan Dien and Phan Tien) of Bac Binh district will celebrate the New Rice Fest; the other ethnic minorities in the remaining mountainous and highland communes and villages in the province will celebrate the traditional Lunar New Year.


In order to facilitate the organization of the New Rice Fest celebration of ethnic minorities in the 4 highland communes in Bac Binh district and to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2024 in ethnic minority areas, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has requested the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities to chair over and coordinate with relevant departments and agencies (especially the sponsoring and fraternal units), at the same time, to direct the relevant divisions and local mass organizations to actively organize the events for ethnic minorities happily, economically and safely. Organizing the visits and encouragements to people, especially poor households and policy families in ethnic minority areas in the province on the occasions of New Rice Fest and Lunar New Year 2024 timely and practically.


The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs shall actively cooperate with the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities to look up the situation of shortage, hunger and poverty to promptly advise and organize the relief work (if any); so that there is not even a case of poor or hungry household before, during and after Tet. At the same time, proposing the visits and gifts giving to policy beneficiaries and poor households during the New Rice Fest and the Lunar New Year 2024 under the direction of the Standing Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee.


The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shall implement the art performance plan to serve the New Rice Fest of the Co Ho and Raglay ethnic groups and the Chabul Festival (Ky Yen) of the Cham ethnic group in the districts of Bac Binh, Ham Tan, Ham Thuan Nam.


The Provincial Committee of Ethnic Minority Affairs shall proactively coordinate with relevant sectors and localities to advise and prepare plans to pay the New Year’s visit and arrange necessary conditions for provincial leaders to pay the New Rice Fest’s visit to the ethnic minorities in 04 highland communes of Bac Binh district on January 24, 2024 (the 14th day of lunar December) and Lunar New Year 2024 according to the general plan.


Accordingly, cadres, soldiers, civil servants, public employees and students of the Co Ho and Raglay (Rai) ethnic groups in the communes: Phan Tien, Phan Son, Phan Lam, Phan Dien have 03 days off on the New Rice Fest 2024, from January 23 to the end of January 25, 2023.


Phạm Huệ

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