Phan Thiet: Flower Street during Lunar New year – Year of the Dragon 2024 is expected to take place from February 5-15, 2024

( The People's Committee of Phan Thiet city has just planed to organize the Flower Street during Lunar New year – Year of the Dragon 2024. Accordingly, with the theme: "Phan Thiet - Convergence and Development", the Flower Street is expected to take place from February 5-15/2024 (December 26 to January 6 of the lunar calendar).


According to the plan, the display of the Flower Street includes the following segments: "Ancient village" including miniatures such as: models of characters, cottages, ox carts, lotus ponds, flower boats, footbridges, wells; fortune tree miniature landscapes; animated dragon models, rice field models; continuous heart shape flowers, lanterns. Next is the segment of "Transformation of Phan Thiet", starting with a group of models of the Dragon Mascot at the welcome gate; winding dragon gate; carp jumping models; “Welcome Phan Thiet” plate; flowered unicorn models, apricot blossom gardens, peach blossom gardens, boat gates. The segment "Phan Thiet - Convergence and Development" with a giant wreath; models of "sea dragon", rich and beautiful miniature seascape, ocean corner miniatures, Lighthouse; surfing miniatures; check-in heart pattern; hot air balloons flying over lake; boat miniatures, flower baskets.


Some new features in the Flower Street this year are: In the segment of culinary and games, the entrance to the local food court and fast food street food area is designed with bamboo. Train model, sales areas are arranged with tents; booth area displaying local products; fish sauce barrel flower models.


The Flower Street will be held on one side of Nguyen Tat Thanh street, from Ton Duc Thang street to Le Loi street (at Nguyen Tat Thanh Park).



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