Phan Thiet to fight against acts of taking advantage of business lines with security and order conditions.

( The People's Committee of Phan Thiet City will continue to perform well the task of preventing and fighting against acts of taking advantage of business lines with security and order conditions in the area.


Accordingly, the City Police continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of State management on security and order for conditional business lines, ensuring normal operations for production and business of individuals and organizations with the maintenance of security and order, prevention of crime, evils and other violations. At the same time, strengthening propaganda and dissemination of laws related to compliance with security and order conditions, fire prevention and fighting, search and rescue; responsibilities of the establishment owners and legal representatives in ensuring security and order throughout the business operation. Coordinating with relevant agencies and units to strengthen inspection and strict control of conditions as prescribed by law before issuing Certificates of satisfaction of security and order conditions; immediately revoking licenses on establishments that do not meet safety conditions in terms of fire prevention and fighting, security and order.


Relevant agencies and units shall regularly exchange information on business household registration, fulfillment of tax obligations, dissolution, suspension of operations for business lines with conditions on security and order, especially business establishments are often exploited by criminals, easily causing crimes and violations such as: Accommodation business; pawnshop service; karaoke service; massage services and some other sensitive fields such as Bar and Pub; financial loans (or financial supports) ... to proactively and promptly grasp business activities in this field. Along with that, enhance the good implementation of improving the business investment environment, promoting online public services, administrative reform, simplifying and shortening administrative procedures to create favorable conditions for individuals and organizations during production and business activities, contributing to economic development.


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