Phan Thiet to strengthen inspection on the environmental protection at Phu Hai Seafood Processing Industrial Cluster

( Recently, environmental pollution caused by bad odors and emissions from factories and enterprises operating in Phu Hai Seafood Processing Industrial Cluster has affected the lives of people in the surrounding area. Currently, Phan Thiet City People's Committee is focusing on implementing many solutions to overcome this situation.


According to the representative of the Division of Natural Resources and Environment of Phan Thiet city, the cause of environmental pollution at the industrial cluster is due to the location of the industrial cluster as it is in the residential area. The activities in the cluster are seafood production and processing, of which most establishments generate foul odors, affecting the surrounding area. The current status of the collection system, rainwater drainage, and wastewater drainage is damaged, degraded, and clogged in some places. However, the inspection and supervision of environmental protection of secondary enterprises operating in industrial cluster are not timely.


In order to reduce environmental pollution, Phan Thiet City People's Committee has requested city agencies, units and Phu Hai Ward People's Committee to urgently carry out tasks to strengthen environmental protection at the Industrial Cluster. Regarding the inspection and handling of secondary enterprises operating in industrial cluster, the City Inspection Team has worked with fish sauce establishments and required them to move fish carcass immediately to the consumption places. Up to now, the situation of leaving fish carcasses outside the facility has been settled. In addition, the Inspection Team took exhaust gas samples from two fishmeal processing facilities. Test results of exhaust gas samples measured at the chimneys of the two factories are all met environmental standards as prescribed. In the coming time, the Inspection Team will organize surprise inspections for violations of environmental protection, and will propose to competent authorities to handle according to regulations.


Currently, the City People's Committee has allocated funds to the Industrial Cluster Development Center to replace damaged slabs and manholes, dredge clogged places in the drainage system. Regarding finding a suitable land fund to relocate production facilities in Phu Hai Industrial Cluster according to the direction of the PPC, the City People's Committee has coordinated and requested the People's Committee of Ham Thuan Bac district to introduce and propose for a number of areas in Ham Thuan Bac district (priority is given to areas bordering Phan Thiet city) for the City People's Committee to organize a survey and collect opinions from relevant sectors. Based on the proposed locations of the People's Committee of Ham Thuan Bac district, the City People's Committee conducted an actual survey, assessed the conditions of land, infrastructure, location, and organized consultations with relevant departments, agencies, and units, collected opinions from people around the location and some production and business establishments in the industrial cluster.


Through collected feedbacks, the land fund expected to relocate the industrial cluster has many troubles and difficulties, the City People's Committee has compiled, reported and proposed to the PPC for considering the relocation roadmap consisting of 2 phases: Period 2025 - 2030 (preparation in 2024 - 2025) will relocate some facilities in advance to the suitable locations (such as Tan Binh 1 Industrial Cluster, La Gi town, currently has 2 fishmeal factories operating stably; and the period after 2030 (preparation in 2025 - 2030) will continue to relocate the  remaining facilities.


While waiting for the decision of the Provincial People's Committee, the City People's Committee continues to direct city agencies, units and Phu Hai Ward People's Committee to strengthen inspection of environmental protection of all secondary enterprises operating in the cluster. Especially the connection system of wastewater treatment, exhaust gas, solid waste generated from the production process, resolutely and strictly handling if violations are detected (including suspension of operations). At the same time, speeding up the investment progress of the new system of rainwater drainage, wastewater collection, and reparation and upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant to ensure the infrastructure requirements of the industrial cluster.




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