Promote prevention to promptly control the pink eye epidemic


( Acute conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is an inflammation of the transparent membrane on the surface of the eyeball and the conjunctiva. The disease can occur at any age, often appears at the time of season change and is easily spread. Experts say that pink eye can be caused by many different reasons; among them, the most worrying cause is the virus because it can spread in the community.


Unlike every year, this year, the pink eye epidemic appeared and broke out strongly from August until now and shows no signs of stopping. Facing the complicated situation of the epidemic, the Provincial Health sector has coordinated with departments and localities to promote prevention to promptly control the pink eye epidemic.


Doctor Vo Van Hanh recommends: When people get sick, the need to go immediately to a medical facility for diagnosis and treatment instructions, do not arbitrarily treat at home. Children who are sick should not take them to school or crowded places. To prevent pink eye, people regularly wash their hands with soap or antiseptic liquid; do not rub your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hand; do not share personal items such as eye drop, towels, masks, or eyeglasses.


According to records, it is not only in a trend of increasing the number of cases and visits for pink eye at medical facilities, at schools, there have been many cases of students leaving school because of pink eye. Currently, teachers are continuing to connect with parents to promptly record infected cases and provide guidance on disease prevention for children.



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