Promoting the role of the Savings and Loan Group in policy credit activities

( In recent times, Savings and Loan Groups (S&L Groups) in the province have always performed well their role as the "bridge" to bring policy credit capital to the poor and other subjects at the grassroots level. Thereby, helping people in production development, increase household economic income and gradually escape poverty sustainably.

Currently, the Provincial Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) has 124 commune transaction points with 2.3 thousand S&L Groups, ensuring safety, efficiency, and promptly meeting the loan needs of poor households and other policy beneficiaries. Thanks to that, the policy credit capital is strictly managed, helping borrowers to use loans accurately and effectively.

The S&L Group Leaders are on duty at the transaction points

In La Gi town alone, the town budget entrusted more than 15 billion VND, credit capital of more than 320 billion VND and capital mobilized from organizations and communities reached more than 65 billion VND.

It can be seen that, after more than 20 years of implementing policy credit activities in the town, the S&L Groups are the "bridge" to bring policy credit capital to the right beneficiaries, helping borrowers use the loan capital accurately and effectively... contributing to prevent usury, helping people become independent and affirm their position in society.

Phạm Huệ

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