QR Code is now placed on street nameplates in Phan Thiet city


(binhthuan.gov.vn) In order for people and tourists to easily find information about the routes, streets and public works they are visiting, at the end of 2023, Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan) has implemented the installation of street name signs with QR Code attached.


Accordingly, on the street nameplates in Phan Thiet city, in addition to the street name, there is also the city logo on the left corner and a QR Code on the right corner for residents and tourists to access more information about the route. Visitors can use smart phones (or smart devices) with QR Code reading software to look up information related to the route as well as the city. Specifically, when scanning the QR Code, visitors can understand more about the meaning of the event and the biographies of famous people and historical figures whose names are attached, and also get more information about the scale of the route (length, direction, boundary, level, starting point, ending point...), local traditions, public works, landscapes, historical - cultural relics associated with the process of construction and development of the homeland in general, and Phan Thiet city in particular.


It is known that the installation of street nameplates with QR Code is one of the contents in the implementation roadmap of the smart urban construction project of Phan Thiet city. In 2023, Phan Thiet replaced and installed QR Codes on nearly 70 street nameplates in the city.


According to the plan, in 2024, this locality will continue to add and replace new street nameplates on the remaining routes and streets to ensure 100% of street name nameplates are labeled with QR Code.


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