Support businesses to bring typical provincial products to e-commerce platforms

( In order to support businesses in bringing OCOP products, typical rural industrial products and typical products of the province to the local e-commerce platform and the National e-commerce platform, in recent times the industry and trade sector supported 12 establishments with OCOP products, typical rural industrial products and typical products to participate in the project "Electronic traceability solution for Binh Thuan OCOP products, typical rural industrial products and products with typical strengths of Binh Thuan province".


Deploying the Industry and Trade E-commerce Platform, up to now, 54 establishments and 152 products of enterprises in 03 provinces of Binh Thuan - Ninh Thuan - Lam Dong have been updated to the e-commerce platform to introduce and promote the unique products and strengths of their businesses and establishments; connecting supply and demand, exchange and consumption of goods and services between businesses and consumers; expand promotion, exchange, and learn from regional products across the country through the e-commerce platform.

Support enterprises and establishments in the province with typical rural industrial products, provincial and regional OCOP products and advantageous local products in updating product information and images on the local e-commerce platform ( and the national e-commerce platform (


In addition, the Industry and Trade sector has also organized training courses to propagate legal regulations on food safety, protection of consumer rights, and the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritize to using Vietnamese products"; e-commerce and digital transformation in the field of Industry and Trade to people and businesses in the province. Especially, it organized a workshop on "Safe consumption in digital transformation" for departments, agencies, and businesses distributing goods and services in the province; coordinated with the Department of Trade Promotion - Ministry of Industry and Trade to organize the business skills training courses on digital platforms to develop brands, build the image of collective economy and cooperatives for small and medium-sized enterprises in all economic sectors, cooperatives, trade promotion organizations in the province...



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