The Provincial Industrial Zones Authority actively participates in digital transformation

( Implementing the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, in recent times, the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority has promoted propaganda and dissemination to businesses in industrial zones about the role and importance of digital transformation in building digital government, developing digital economy, digital society.


It has developed investment plans, upgraded and supplemented equipment to handle professional work to meet digital transformation requirements; Upgraded and completed internal network infrastructure; participated in training on digitalization, digital transformation, cyber attack prevention, Binh Thuan e-government software... Implemented well the programs, plans, and projects on digitalization and construction of specialized database under the direction of the Provincial People's Committee and specialized agencies. Completed the management tracking database system in planning; investing in infrastructure construction of industrial parks; investment promotion; business management. Coordinated with VNPT Binh Thuan to survey the project of industry database construction; at the same time, coordinated with the Provincial Public Security to implement the rental support policy for workers on the basis of the national population database system.


In addition, the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority has also issued a Decision on sending and receiving electronic documents between the Industrial Zones Authority and agencies in the province. Accordingly, for incoming documents, inter-receipt is performed on the system at least twice a day, digitizing 100% of incoming documents; carrying out proper rotation of documents... All outgoing documents are digitally signed and digitized; carrying out proper rotation of documents from the specialist drafting documents to the clerk processing, digitally signing and releasing on the system; backing up electronic documents before publishing, ensuring security and data safety. Completed the full update of data as required by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the software for Management of civil servants and public employees.


In the coming time, the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority will continue to propagate, thoroughly grasp and strictly implement regulations on network information safety, network security, and protection of State secrets. Effectively implementing the central programs and projects to create a favorable environment to promote and support small and medium-sized enterprises, traditional businesses, cooperatives, and production and business establishments in approaching and participating in implementation of digital transformation.


Continuing to deploy mechanisms and policies to encourage and create favorable conditions to develop businesses operating in the field of digital technology and digital transformation. Attracting the reputable information technology and digital technology businesses to invest into the province.


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