The Provincial Public Security has carried out the administrative reform excellently

( In order to implement the provision of online public services on the National Public Service Portal and resolve administrative procedures for people and businesses, in 2023 the Provincial Public Security has focused on promoting the provision of online public services on the National Public Service Portal and the Ministry of Public Security Public Service Portal.

In particular, it has focused on directing the complete, accurate and continuous data synchronization of online public services under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Public Security through the provided toolkits to serve the assessment of criteria and component criteria according to the scoreboard issued by the Ministry of Public Security. At the same time, requests the affiliated units to settle administrative procedures for people and businesses promptly, avoiding late settlements due to subjective errors of officials.

As a result, in the past year, the Provincial Public Security received 586,975 dossiers, reaching a rate of 83.43% (for dossiers eligible to receive online), reaching and exceeding the target assigned by the Ministry of Public Security, ranking 19/63 nationwide on the rate of online administrative records. In addition, the Provincial Public Security signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Binh Thuan Provincial Post Office; signed an agreement with Vietcombank - Binh Thuan branch to deploy online public services, online payments and implement the Project on application development of population data, electronic identification and authentication to serve the National digital transformation for the period 2022 - 2025, vision to 2030 in the province.

In 2024, the Provincial Public Security will continue to promote administrative reform solutions and improve the efficiency of settling administrative procedures and providing public services to serve people and businesses; resolutely handling cases where officials cause delays in receiving and processing administrative documents and procedures.


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