Urgently support and search for fishermen on 02 fishing boats of Quang Nam province

(binhthuan.gov.vn) The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has just directed agencies and units in the province to urgently support and search for fishermen on two fishing boats of Quang Nam province that sank in the Song Tu Tay island area.


Specifically, according to Telegram No. 970/CD-TTg dated 17/10/2023 of the Prime Minister, at about 01:00 on 17/10/2023, the ship QNa 90927 TS was sunk in the area about 135 nautical miles northwest of Song Tu Tay island, 37 fishermen on board were rescued by ship QNa 91782 TS, currently one is missing. Previously, at about 7:30 p.m. on 16/10/2023, a fishing boat of Quang Nam province with the registration number QNa 90129 TS, bringing 54 people on board, sank due to a tornado while operating in an area about 120 nautical miles northeast of Song Tu Tay island, 40 fishermen on board were safely rescued by ships at the scene, 14 fishermen are missing.


Executing Telegram No. 970/CD-TTg of the Prime Minister, to urgently and promptly search and rescue the fishermen on the above two fishing boats, the Chairman of the PPC requests the Provincial Border Guard Command to direct and notify border stations in the area, Squadron 2 and boats of Binh Thuan province currently operating at sea, near the area where of the sunken ships QNa 90927 TS and QNa 90129 TS, to enhance observation and support the search for missing fishermen; Phan Thiet Coastal Information Station and Binh Thuan Maritime Port Authority to broadcast search and rescue information to ships and boats in the area or passing by the location with the coordinates of the sunken ships QNa 90927 TS and QNa 90129 TS to coordinate and participate in rescuing the missing fishermen.


TT Dân


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